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Eye Makeup Tips from the Pros

Eye Makeup Tips from the Pros
Team LF
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Falsies take too long to dry, eyeshadow is almost impossible to look flawless, and winged eyeliner might as well take an Ivy League college doctorate to master. When it comes to eye makeup, you might even say that it's the most complicated element of the face. We don't want you to feel like all hope is lost. With a little help from the professionals, it is, in fact, possible to achieve Bella Hadid-like flawlessness.

Top eye makeup tips from the pros

Whether you're frustrated with blending that takes a million years or cat-eye liner that you're repeatedly wiping off and redoing, we've got the expert tips to help you reach ultimate makeup artistry mastery.

Stamp your eyeliner

Are you ready for the trick that will change your eyeliner game for life? Stamp your eyeliner. We don't mean take the kohl pencil or liquid pen and subtly poke at your lashline. In order to reach Lana Del Rey status, you need only take a flathead liner brush, coat it nicely with your choice of eyeliner, and gently pat the edge of the brush along your lashline.

Want to do a winged liner? Easy! Take the flat edge of the brush and follow your lower lashline upwards until you've created the length of a tail that you want. Connect the line down to your upper lashline, and fill it in. Perfect cat-eye!

Do your eyeshadow upside-down

We don't literally mean you need to be standing on your head. This tip is all about the direction of your eyeshadow brush. Instead of having the tip of the brush pointed down toward your face, have the eyeshadow brush pointing up toward your forehead, above your eyelid.

You want your eye look to go from dark to light. Line the tip of your brush like Real Techniques Shading Brush with your darkest shade, line your lashline and blend up. Doing this allows you to blend all your shades together without any flicks getting in the way of the perfect shape.

Blend with a clean brush

We know that blending can sometimes feel like it takes forever and a day to soften out harsh lines. We're here to tell you, even if you think your lines are blended out, do it some more! To do this, you'll need a completely clean, dry brush. Sweep it over your eye makeup to smooth out any more harsh lines.

Being a professional isn't as long of a road as you thought! Applying these simple tips to your daily routine will have you runway-ready for Fashion Week in no time!

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Team LF
Writer and expert
View Team LF's profile