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Runway Makeup-the Fashion Week Beauty Roundup

Runway Makeup-the Fashion Week Beauty Roundup
Team LF
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Oh New York Fashion Week, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. If you’re not one of the few lucky people to be front row at the shows, never fear, we have been watching all of the trends and have taken notice of what you’ll be seeing on the streets in no time.

Although there have been so many fun looks to talk about, we wanted to focus on something that is not only important in fashion and beauty trends, but also the overall shift of our culture and society.

As gender roles diminish and fashion takes a step in the direction of neutral styles, beauty reestablishes itself as another form of expression in whichever way you wish. For some, that means throwing aside the expectation of wearing a full face of products. For others, it means wearing a sock over your head. We’re talking to you, Raf Simons. Either way, New York Fashion Week confirmed that you can do what you want with your look and feel good in your skin no matter what you decide to rep.


The Wang Messy Brow

We’ve seen it around before, but this bold yet relaxed version is our favorite thus far. To get this look, try using a liquid brush with an upward motion, fluffing your brows out instead of smoothing them in.


Really Bare Ralph

Before you say you could never pull this off, think again. Chances are, you’re so used to yourself wearing makeup, that you can’t see yourself without it in a positive light. We’re not saying to throw away everything in your bathroom drawer, but know that if Ralph Lauren can send a model out on the runway without it, you can go outside without contouring your face too. Let your natural skin be your foundation. And sunscreen of course.


Little Bit of Lim

Good news, Phillip Lim just made rushed makeup cool. This "just one" trend is easy and chic. Instead of worrying about every feature, emphasize one and let the rest do their thing. If your eyes are your best feature, use eyeliner, if you love your lips, swipe a color on them and call it good. It’s cool.

Last but not least, remember that the most notable trend of all is to appreciate what you have and know that you’re beautiful. Models on the runway get paid to look like they do, and it’s important to realize that everyone has a unique look that is all their own, even you.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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