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Out the Door Fabulous: Our Quick Makeup Routine

Schane Flowers
Writer and expert5 years ago
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We all love to look fabulous. But can you look great in 10 minutes or less? Like, ‘you just woke up and have 10 minutes to do makeup’ easy?

It’s 2019, and the modern working woman knows the value of her time.

Simplicity, efficiency, and multitasking is key. So we came up with a makeup routine that can be done in 10 minutes or less.

Back to Base(ics)

St. Tropez Tinted Primer 50ml

Now, to get perfect looking skin in a rush, there’s a trick. Don’t skip your primer.

To elaborate, you still need a base for your makeup and even if you opt out of foundation, you can rock a naturally put together look with a tinted primer. Specifically, using one that gives a subtle glow like the St. Tropez Tinted Primer.

Tip: The main area for redness or uneven complexion tends to be the t-zone. Start there first and blend out for a quick, natural finish.

Also, even though it’s a rush, we’d suggest not using your fingers to spread your base on your face. A makeup sponge like theBeauty Blender is the quickest way to apply foundation for a flawless finish.

Plus, your hands are porous: you won’t get the full product on your face and you’ll end up overusing it. That’s a lose-lose we can’t have in the morning.

Groom those Brows

BBB London Brow Build Gel 4.5ml (Various Shades)

We can’t go anywhere without grooming our brows and the smallest gestures can make a big difference to how they look.

If you’re in a huge rush, then just make sure you brush through your brows with a spoolie and add some color to fill with a multi-tasker like theNYX Professional Makeup Micro Brow Pencil, it’ll make you look instantly more groomed. Also, if you have a few spare hairs around your brows, you can use concealer to hide the brow growth and get a more defined shape.

If your brows are a little sparse, then try a filler like theBBB London Brow Build, as they are so quick to brush through the brows and add extra oomph where you need it.

Tip: If even a gel is too much for your routine, consider getting eyebrow tinting for a semi-permanent look ’ll last 2 to 6 weeks. We’re all for eliminating steps if it helps you seize the day.

Define those Eyes

Unless you are a winged eyeliner maverick, chances are you won’t get the perfect cat eye within a short time span. And that’s okay. What you can do is create a chic look with some subtle eye shadow.

So here’s the deal: if you use a neutral eye shadow and buff it into the eye socket corner, and then blend it out over your eyelid, you’re pretty much done! A swipe of mascara will give your eyes that ‘pop’ without being overkill. We lovedoucce Punk Volumizer Mascara for its lightweight formula that won’t clump, smudge, or fade.

Tip: If you want some subtle sparkle, highlighter around your eyes can also do wonders. Just make sure to focus on the area where the light falls naturally.

Add some Color

Now you have the absolute bare essentials, look at the time. If you still have a bit of wiggle room, we can add a blush or even a bronzer to add a splash of color to your face.

Choose  a bronzer or blush with a touch of shimmer and dab it over the cheeks to help add  color to your face and dimension to your complexion, without the need for highlighter.

If a bold blush scares you, then we’d suggest thePerricone MD No Blush Blush serum. It’s a skin adaptive formula that gives a natural rosy glow and has SPF protection to keep skin looking youthful and healthy.

Out The Door With Kissable Lips

Now the final touch, which can be applied right before you head out the door: lipstick.

Of course, lipstick may or may not be the biggest priority on your beauty routine. But if you want a lipstick that can be as bold or subtle as you want to be, we’d suggest this adaptable number.

ThePerricone MD No Lipstick Lipstick actually enhances your lips' natural color because, as the title suggests, it’s not a lipstick.

Instead, this lip conditioner is a solid-to-serum formula fortified with broad spectrum SPF 15.

Thanks to science, the stick’s color blends in with your skin tone to give a rosy, full, youthful set of kissable lips. It starts off sheer, but the coverage can be built into a beautiful mauve color if you so choose. Maybe you can decide with the remaining minutes before works because now you’re officially set.

Do you have a super-quick makeup regimen? Any products that make the routine easy? Share with us, we love to listen!

Schane Flowers
Writer and expert
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