GRWH: Our Beauty Regimen for Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City

GRWH: Our Beauty Regimen for Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City

Hey there, Beautiful! 

Let’s face it, we have shows that are iconic for the decade. And Sex & the City was one of them. 

A testament of having a girl squad, living in NYC, and finding love, we’ll never forget the fashion icon and writer that is Carrie Bradshaw.  But what would a New Yorker like Carrie use for her makeup and skincare? Our estheticians and beauty enthusiasts (who are also writers! #fate) have a few ideas to share with you to be just as fabulous in our new series: Get Ready With Her (GRWH)

New York City Air 

Schane (Beauty Writer): I can vouch that sometimes I’m treading in the FiDi district and take a whiff of something awful, and that made me think of all the air pollution Carrie Bradshaw must fight off on a regular basis. 

The City That Never Sleeps is full of airborne radicals that can muck up a perfectly good skincare routine, so Carrie would need a moisturizer or cream that combats free radical damage, like the upcoming brand Paula’s Choice’s Defense Nightly Reconditioning Moisturizer or the Chantecaille Anti-Pollution Mattifying Cream

After all, the city can be harsh, so she has to be prepared for anything! 

Carrie’s a Night Owl

Whether she’s out with the girls or making a deadline, it’s no shocker that we categorize Carrie Bradshaw as a night owl. 

As a girl who’s always with a Cosmo or her laptop, this means Carrie has to gain the most out of her evening whether she stays in or out. So we broke up our product recommendations into makeup suggestions and skincare must-haves

Going Out: Long Wear + Mattifying

Heading out on the town, Carrie would 10/10 wear long-form makeup for the night-life (and subsequent mornings). If you have your makeup regimen down, then what you need is an amazing setting spray for any activities you plan that night.

However, if you want to master the smokey eye, then you need a full set like the Bourjois Glitter Smokey Stories Eyeshadow Palette. Plus, you can’t say no to Paris. 

And for the day after, make sure to plan ahead and bring some makeup wipes to erase any stubborn, lingering makeup. 

Tip: Also, maybe a small, travel set would be great to pack in case you need to freshen up at a moment’s notice! 

Staying In: Hydration

We’re not gonna lie, Carrie’s glamorous lifestyle comes with a caveat: good skin care

As a woman that’s known to use her oven as another place to store her clothes, Carrie would need to hydrate her skin regularly since we see her with a Cosmo more often than water. 

A fan of fashion and top brands, Carrie would totally be an Erno Laszlo girl. After a day at work, a double cleanse is a must for our budding writer. 

She’d want to use the same brand as another iconic style figure, Audrey Hepburn, and we can totally see her with a face mask for late night writing sessions in 2020. 

Schane: Okay, so I wear a face mask during late night writing sessions. But face masks are a great intensive application treatment and something that a NYC girl like Carrie could definitely benefit from. 

Tip: Yes, I see that price tag (I cringed a bit too). If almost $70 for four face masks is too steep for you, a good contender brand would be StarSkin, with face masks packed with formulas selected from an insider’s scoop on celebrity skincare! 

For a better deal, my go-to is the LuLuLun Sheet Masks. Each pack has 7 masks, which minimizes packaging and makes traveling with them a lot easier (the pack is super slim!).

Bonus: For her daytime look, rosy cheeks are a must have since Carrie is always on the go and looking fresh upon arrival. A dab of blush and some mascara for the eyes and lipgloss (Carrie is never without them!) and you’re set! 

Effortless Curls for Days 

“I will never be the woman with the perfect hair, who can wear white and not spill on it.” – Carrie

Carrie’s signature ringlets are literally to die for, and to mimic them, you’d need curl definition, hold, and a few styling tools.

Also, if anyone looked the most like Carrie Bradshaw, it had to have been Fearless Era Taylor Swift. Right?

While the office is divided on whether she’d use Christophe Robin, Alterna, or Outre, attaining Carrie level curls is a matter of creating perfect, bouncy curls first before separating and shaking them out.

Psst! Add a spritz of a wet texture spray, like this one from Alterna, for a nice (not crunchy) hold on your hair. Then shake out the curls for that iconic messy curl look to slay the runway of NYC!

For a full tutorial, check out this girl’s play-by-play on Marie Claire! Make sure to have some styling tools on hand before you give it a try!

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How do you rock your inner-Carrie Bradshaw? Tag us on your Instagram with the hashtag #lookfantasticus and let us see your most fabulous catwalk for the spring fashion show!

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