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A Roundup of the Best Setting Sprays for the Upcoming Spring Weather

Schane Flowers
Writer and expert5 years ago
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What's the best thing about Spring weather? Warmer temperatures, newer wardrobe, and the cool breeze of rain to keep your skin hydrated.

The worst thing? Rain. It frizzes up your hair, soaks your clothes, and if it gets on your face it can ruin your perfectly put together look with a swipe of your hand wiping away raindrops. But makeup can fade for many reasons.

Do you ever blot excess oil and notice you removed some of the makeup by accident? Makeup can also crease over time naturally, especially with smile lines. In the situation of makeup transfers, your makeup can transfer to your clothes, food, drink, your hands, or other people if your one to hug or press checks to others in greeting.

That's when setting sprays come in to save the day (and night!). Setting sprays are to your face what top coats are to manicures: they seal in your look for long term wear. As crucial to your look as primer, setting sprays are considered a finishing touch to a makeup regimen.

Especially now, when setting sprays can do more than just seal in your look: some can add extra shine, remove extra shine, or add just the right amount for photography purposes!

So for the long rainy days, or just long days, we have a short arsenal of setting sprays that can keep your makeup flawless all day long, rain or shine.

  1. NIP+FAB Make Up Mattifying Fixing Mist
  2. Barry M Cosmetics Makeup Setting Spray
  3. NYX Professional Makeup Make Up Setting Spray - Matte
  4. GLAMGLOW Glowsetter Make Up Setting Spray
  5. 3INA Makeup The Fixing Spray


NIP+FAB Make Up Mattifying Fixing Mist

For women with oily skin tones, NIP+FAB’s Mattifying Fixing Mist is a game changer for the upcoming months. Also recommended for touching up to combat oiliness and hydrate the skin, its key ingredients are of Tea Tree, Honey, and Pumpkin for you mourners of Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

Barry M Cosmetics Makeup Setting Spray: Dewy

Our next recommendation is Barry’s dewy mist that gives the ‘post-face-mask’ look without the minutes of waiting or abundance of serum. Not only does your makeup last long due to the protective mist, but the spray also contains active ingredients to shield against dirt and pollution in urban environments.

NYX Professional Makeup Make Up Setting Spray - Matte

Help your makeup stay in place all day or night with this little number from NYX. The lightweight formulation is easy to apply and the shine-free, matte finish gives your makeup a day-long glow whilst your face feels hydrated.

Tip: Spray the mist directly onto your brush or sponge before any makeup application to seal in your look.

GLAMGLOW Glowsetter Make Up Setting Spray

Inspired by Hollywood, GLAMGLOW Glowsetter effortlessly mists over the complexion, instantly awakening dull skin. Enriched with a Caffeine infusion (because, let's face it, everyone needs coffee), skin is treated to a boost of radiance, whist a TEAOXI® complex of Green, White and Red Teas shield the visage from environmental aggressors.

3INA Makeup The Fixing Spray

So we’ve covered clean ingredient makeup, mattifying makeup, and even photo-ready makeup. But how about a 3-in-1 contender?

This literally weightless spray mists over the complexion to provide instant hydration and reduce dryness, while it also softens and smooths the skin. Perfect as a setting spray, a retouch companion, and even giving your bare face a glow, 3INA is great for a minimalist muiltasker because it is itself a minimalist multitasker.

Schane Flowers
Writer and expert
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