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Beauty Toners

Beauty Toners

If you didn’t get enough beauty sleep over the winter break, we’re here for you. We feel you. When it’s dark and cold outside, it’s reaallly, really hard to wake up.

That’s why we’re so excited to tell you more about something you might be overlooking in your routine, toners. Beauty toners are important for a few reasons, but mainly because they replenish and repair your skin, even if you didn’t get as much snooze as needed.

Remember that bottle mixed into your middle school “3 step skin care routine,” that your mom told you to use? That is toner. The pretty bottle of spray stuff that you’ve seen and wondered “what am I supposed to do with this stuff?” also toner.

Basically, toners set you and your skin up for the day ahead. They will prepare you for moisturizer, makeup, and walking out of your door into the cold, harsh world.

After cleansing, simply spray your face with one of these babies and wait for it do its magic. Let it dry, and then slap on the rest of your face stuff. It’s easy, underrated, and did we mention it feels amazing?

Not only are toners refreshing, they are also calming and nourishing. If you’re looking for something to make your skin flourish in the new year, look no further than a great toner.

Need a place to start? Here are some that we swear by.

Walah! New year, new skin.



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