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What to Bring in Your Travel Makeup Bag

What to Bring in Your Travel Makeup Bag
Team LF
Writer and expert6 years ago
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Spring break is approaching and we’re ready to take flight. If you have plane tickets booked or a road trip planned, you might be wondering what you should bring in your travel makeup bag. Sure you’ll need snacks, books, and maybe a neck pillow, but have you thought about which makeup or beauty products you’re bringing with you?

Even if you’re not traveling, maybe you need to update your work bag or backpack with everyday on-the-go essentials. After all, you can’t exactly bring your whole makeup bag with you at all times, but there are certain things you can throw in anywhere.

What to bring in your travel bag for spring break?

Here’s what we’re bringing:

Blotting Papers Bon Voyage

There’s nothing worse than looking in the passenger mirror and realizing whatever you had on your face before you left is now an oily, splotchy mess. Enter blotting papers: your new best friend.

They are small enough to fit anywhere and will absorb right into all the right places of your T-zone, they also make your makeup last longer. What’s not to love?

Sunscreen Sayonara

Have you noticed your skin breaking out and flaring up after you board a flight? If you have, you’re not alone. However, if you apply a certain kind of SPF before you take off, you can prevent those nasties.

The ingredients in sunscreen block free radicals, and when you’re up that high, the air is PACKED with those guys. The recirculated air in a plane cabin is also very dry and will pull out any moisture that your skin has. That’s why using a moisturizer that also contains sunscreen is your best bet. Apply it before and after a flight and you’ll see what we mean.

Coverage Ciao

Speaking of sunscreen, do you ever wish you had a travel-bag-size concealer stick that is also packed with SPF? No need to bring your foundation, this has you covered, literally.

The Natio Clever Stick is the easiest way to quickly smooth over your skin when you need an extra pick-me-up. Bring it in your work bag, your travel bag, you can even put it in your pocket if you want to.

Stain Shalom

You know when you just need a little bit of color and pinching your cheeks isn’t enough? This is where a stain stick comes in.

This gel color can go on your lips, cheeks and even eyelids. Whether you're going out or getting off a flight, you can bring it anywhere, put it anywhere and wear it to anything. This is sure to be a spring break favorite. Just be careful, your friends might try to steal it.

Au Revoir! Safe travels and happy spring break. Don’t forget to take us with you!

Team LF
Writer and expert
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