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Sweet Dreams: Using Lavender for Sleep

Sweet Dreams: Using Lavender for Sleep

We’ve all had those nights where we’re left to our own devices, tossing and turning all night and no matter what we try, the Sandman just doesn’t show.

Maybe you tried your hardest to stay in one position for awhile, maybe you tried deep breathing. Heck, maybe you even tried counting sheep—who does that anymore? Still, all to no avail. Did you ever consider using lavender? It may come as a surprise to some, but using lavender for sleep help is a very effective solution.

Despite its relaxing effects, this spiky purple flower’s scent was used as an aphrodisiac in the Middle Ages. Today, the essential oil is known to reduce symptoms of anxiety and insomnia. Research studies done at Wesleyan University in Connecticut found of the 31 men and women studied, those that sniffed lavender for four 2-minute periods before going to bed slept more soundly and woke up more energized.

Researchers also found that the use of lavender for sleep helps to increase slow-wave sleep, a state in which the heart rate slows and the muscles relax. In this deep sleep, the brain may also organize memory. So next time you’re having trouble recalling your latest lecture, use lavender!

How do you use lavender for sleep?

Remember, this is lavender, not rocket science. You can usually find this gentle, yet effective sleeping aid infused into other beauty products you use every day! If you want something a little more reserved for your end-of-the-day routine, This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is the perfect way to guide your busy mind to La-La Land to catch all the Zs you need.

This lavender formula is also infused with Vetiver and Chamomile to deliver an intensely calm, which is sure to have you sleeping soundly in no time!

Stop settling for the glazed-over zombie look day in and day out. You can have a better night’s sleep! Let lavender help you get a more rejuvenating night’s rest so you too can wake up more energized and ready to face your day.

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