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Makeup and Glasses: Tips on How the Two Can Coexist

Makeup and Glasses: Tips on How the Two Can Coexist
Team LF
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As if being called four-eyes when you were a kid wasn't sad enough, sometimes doing your makeup can feel just as discouraging. Fear not, you don't need to throw away that mascara just yet. We're here with some easy tips to help you create an everyday beauty look that brings makeup and glasses together in harmony.

Beauty tips for people with glasses

Whether you're near- or far-sighted there are things you can do to ensure the longevity of your makeup and minimize the irritation you experience throughout the day due to those lovely frames that sit atop your nose.

Falsies are a no-no

When you have a plate of glass in front of your eye, you have a little bit of a restriction on just how far your lashes can extend. False lashes tend to be the demise of every glasses-wearing person because they frequently brush the surface of the lens and cause eye irritation. This isn't to say though, that you can't magnify the look of your lashes, you just need to do it a bit differently.

Instead of gluing on a set of lashes, opt for a volumizing mascara like Eyeko Yoga Waterproof Mascara that enhances the thickness and length and curl of your lashes. This way you enhance the look of your eyes and open them up without increasing the amount of irritation behind those glass windows.

Setting spray is your saving grace

If you wear glasses, you may be familiar with the feeling of foundation or concealer rubbing off onto your frames. That or, as your face produces oil throughout the day, your glasses slide down your nose. Lovely.

Combat the oiliness by applying a matte primer or moisturizer on your face prior to foundation or concealer application. After you're done with your routine, spritz everything with a mattifying setting spray. The less your makeup moves, the less it rubs off on your glasses.

Invest in a good magnifying mirror

For you near-sighted friends, you are likely familiar with the routine of putting your glasses on and off through the steps of your makeup ritual so you can see as best you can and smudge less. Right?

Pro tip: Invest in a good magnifying mirror to see more clearly see those little, intricate details so you can leave your wireframes out of the picture until you're completely finished with your look. Get yourself started with a great deal on this Rio Illuminated Magnifying Cosmetic Mirror. Zoom and light all in one place. Perfect!

Add a pop of color down South

Since there's already an accessory right atop your face, attention is immediately drawn to that area of your face. If you want to balance out the focus of your look, put on a bright lip color to draw attention away from your eyes.

Need any idea? NYX Professional Makeup Soft Matte Lip Cream gives the perfect amount of intensity and hue to your pout to steal away the stares from your eyes.

Different techniques for different prescriptions

Depending on what type of prescription you have, you will either want to attract or take away more attention from your eyes. If you have a near-sighted prescription your eyes can tend to look smaller so you may want to draw some attention towards your eyes. You can do this by using eyeshadow with a little sheen or shimmer like NYX Professional Makeup In Your Element Shadow Palette - Metals. Doing this attracts more light, and thus more attention to those windows to your soul.

The opposite is true for far-sighted prescription wearers. In this case, you want to draw attention away from your eyes that tend to look a little magnified. Ditch the cat-eye and bold shadows, and opt for a more matte neutral shadow. Give the lower half of your face more attention by giving your lips a little pop—*see Add a Pop of Color Down South above.

Whether you're a newbie to the world of glasses, or have been sporting your frames for years, these accessories can be one of your greatest assets when it comes to your ensemble if you pull the right elements together! Discover more lens-friendly products and deals on the lookfantastic website today!

Team LF
Writer and expert
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