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Instantly Make Eyeshadow Brighter with this Easy Tip

Instantly Make Eyeshadow Brighter with this Easy Tip
Team LF
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If you've ever been elated by the advertised high-pigmentation of an eyeshadow, only to be disappointed that its payout isn't as intense as ad page, then this is the post for you.

How to make your eyeshadow more pigmented

Chances are, after you realized the dilemma you found yourself in, you went out on an epic journey to find anything and everything that would somehow bring out the promised vibrant hues. You've probably tried one of the following:

Eyeshadow Primer

The idea with this one is that it gives your eyeshadow a neutral base to cling to. These come in different finishes and colors. Sadly though, not all eyeshadow primers are created equal. Some eyeshadow primers work wonders for making your eyeshadow last-longer and prevent crease, but as far as the pigmentation of eyeshadow goes? Not a huge payout boost.

White Eyeshadow Pencil

Something about the bright, colorless base is supposed to help the hues of your eyeshadows "pop" out even more. Though this may help a little bit, as far as extending the life of your eyeshadow, it's not too helpful. Eyeshadow pencils are known to crease and wear off over time. Without setting the eyeshadow pencil, this isn't always the best bet.


Ah yes, the "double duty" product, right? Not so much. The purpose of concealer is to help color correct and well... conceal. Not exactly known for its abilities to extend the life of eyeshadow or make the pigments stand out.

"Wetting" Your Eyeshadow

The simple act of wetting your eyeshadow before you apply it may temporarily produce the benefits a stronger pigment. However, water evaporates, shadows dry, and the product will likely wear off over time as it wasn't given the appropriate base to cling to.

How to get the best pigment payoff

Layering Cream Shadow

While these tips and tricks may work on occasion, have you ever thought of trying cream shadow? Layering a cream shadow of a similar color underneath your powder eyeshadow helps bring out the pigment of the powder eyeshadow and even intensifies the luminosity of shimmery eyeshadows!

How do you do this with cream shadows? Glad you asked! Here is an easy breakdown:

Outline the shape of your eye

First, you want to outline the shape of your eyeshadow look, focusing on the crease, lashline and outer corner, blending any harsh lines.

Pat on your cream eyeshadow

Next, take a cream eyeshadow like an Illamasqua Cream Pigment and pat it over the entire lid using a makeup brush or the tip of your finger. This layer doesn't need to be flawlessly opaque as it is only a base.

Layer powder eyeshadows and pigments

Lastly, layer on a powder pigment like theBalm Nude Dude Eyeshadow Palette over the top of the cream shadows. Voila! Instantly more pigment than any primer or concealer could get you!

It doesn't take rocket science to increase the intensity of your eye makeup, just a little bit of the right products! Take a look at the many cream shadows available on lookfantastic today!

Looking for more pigmented eyeshadow options? Check out our inventory of eyeshadows our lookfantastic website!

Team LF
Writer and expert
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