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Blue Light Protection for Your Skin

Blue Light Protection for Your Skin
Ellie Taylor
Writer and expert3 years ago
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Between working on our laptops from 9-5and constantly scrolling through our Insta feeds, most of us will be exposed to blue light on a daily basis. Although not all blue light can be bad, excessive use of screen time can lead to a whole host of complexion woes including sagging skin and hyperpigmentation. To help you out we’ve answered some of the most common concerns and queries so you can protect your skin from blue light like a pro. 

What is blue light?

To keep it simple, blue light, aka HEV (High Energy Visible Light) is detectable by the human eye and is most commonly found in sunlight. However, the past decade has seen an increase in exposure through LED screens including our phones and laptops without many of us even realizing it. Although blue light can be used to help increase our well-being (think SAD lamps), too much of it can be incredibly harmful to our delicate complexions. Over time, an over-exposure to blue light can weaken the skin's natural barrier and cause signs of early aging including wrinkles and sagging skin alongside dark spots, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and inflammation.

Is too much screentime bad?

Not at all! In fact, many dermatologists recommend using blue light treatment to help combat skin concerns such as acne and psoriasis. Blue light therapy works to kill bacteria that lurks deep in cells whilst also slowing down cell turnover. If you’re looking for professional results to combat acne at home, and if you’re serious about blue light therapy the Dr. Dennis Gross Spectralite FaceWare Prois for you. The wearable device works to target and treats signs of aging in as little as three minutes! The device also works to support collagen production, banish acne-causing bacteria and contour your face leaving you with a youthful finish. 

How to protect your skin from blue light

To help protect your skin from blue light on a daily basis, we recommend investing in a good SPF and serum to keep those wrinkles away and hyperpigmentation at bay.The Chantecaille Blue Light Protection Hyaluronic Serum works to replenish your skins moisture barrier and ward off the harmful effects of blue light emissions. Powered by a blend of Hyaluronic Acid and natural botanicals, the serum also helps to plump your complexion and boost radiance.

How to reverse effects of damage

Whilst there is a whole host of products out there to help prevent skin damage, there’s also plenty to help repair your skin once the damage has been done. If you suffer from sagging skin or fine lines the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Line are the perfect combination of products to add into your routine.

Each product is made up of a premium anti-aging formula to leave you with a more hydrated, plump and youthful complexion when you wake up. If you’re suffering from hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Niacinamide Dark Spot Serum is your new best friend. The advanced formula is fuelled by a blend of innovative ingredients to help clear your complexion and reduce the appearance of imperfections caused by blue light. 

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Ellie Taylor
Writer and expert
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