GRWH: Midge Maisel’s Beauty Routine

GRWH: Midge Maisel’s Beauty Routine

A beauty routine featuring Midge from the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel? That should’ve been something. And now it is! Here’s a marvelous (but modernized) beauty regimen inspired by the titular character, Mrs. Midge Maisel.  

Hair Up! 

Before Midge even begins her beauty regimen, she curls and keeps her hair away from her face. While hair nets are rarely sighted on a vanity for the modern beauty enthusiasts, a silk head wrap or headband for your beauty routine is a must for keeping your hair out of makeup’s way! 

A Rigorous Nighttime Routine 

Midge applied a cold cream for sleeping after cleaning her face, which back in the day was used to prevent wrinkles and dry skin. She probably learned this tip from her mother, but allegedly this was sage advice from magazines in the 1950s, like The Sydney Morning Herald.

Titled “Beauty For Young Marrieds: Here Is Your Routine For Good Grooming!”, the 1952 article in the herald advised women to apply “complexion milk” aka cold cream at bedtime to wake up with supple, wrinkle-free skin

In Midge Maisel’s timeline, housewives were always expected to be “fresh-looking” around their husbands. And fresh meant done up and pretty from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to bed (hence the semi-infamous sneaking out of the bed after Joel goes to sleep). 

But you don’t have to be a housewife to look flawless. A  night cream, or a face mask before bed (or an overnight mask) can give you all the hydration you need as an update on the cold creams. 

A “No-Makeup” Makeup Glow

Other than a bold lip, we never see Midge rock anything ‘loud’ or that gives away that she wears makeup. It’s interesting that in 2020, beauty is celebrated in so many different ways but having great skin, or the ‘no makeup-makeup’ look, dominates the media. 

The key is to stick to the bare essentials (primer, foundation, setting powder) but add a twist: some shine.

Whether it’s a facial oil or a highlighter, a bit of sparkle is key for a ‘glow from within’ look. 

Effortless Curls

We all saw the same scene in which Midge undergoes ALOT of effort into her look, and that includes her hair. 

If heatless curls (which can in some cases be healthier for your hair) aren’t your thing, then a hair curler is your next best go-to. 

Just keep in mind that your hair should look perfectly in place, so a hold spray and a high-quality hair straightener will be your next best friends.

Be Your Marvelous Self

And don’t forget, Midge has never not been her true authentic self! So do you for your GRWH this month because there’s no one way to be Marvelous!

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