Illamasqua’s Skin Base Concealer Pen is the Pen to End All Eye Woes

Illamasqua’s Skin Base Concealer Pen is the Pen to End All Eye Woes

What does your morning makeup routine look like? Does it begin with you looking in the mirror dreading the epic amount of effort it’s going to take you to cover up those purple bags under your eyes—curses for rolling over in our sleep—or maybe you claim you can barely see at all with how much your eyes have swollen up?

We get it, no one is perfect. Beyoncé included, even if she always looks fabulous just rolling out of bed. You may not have abs like Bella Hadid, but let’s just start with the eyes, shall we?

What is a concealer pen?

Rolling out in seven shades, Illamasqua’s Skin Base Concealer Pen comes with a metal tip designed to be more hygienic and also helps to cool and de-puff the undereye area in moments.

The concealer is formulated to help neutralize your skin tone. So next time you wake up with blue or purple under-eyes, don’t fret! Illamasqua’s conceal pen will help you to conceal those discolorations by adjusting to your color correcting needs!

Concealer doesn’t have to be a long, messy complicated game! You can have customized color correcting and coverage all in one with the assurance that you won’t end the morning routine racing to scrub out a bright concealer spot from your favorite pair of jeans before it has time to set; all because the wand slipped out of your fingers at the worst moment.

Illamasqua took all your fears about concealing, depuffing and color correcting and put them all into one tube! When you get up in the morning with those little pooches that are your eyes staring back at you, now you have a solution that doesn’t take special training to apply! The hard work has all been done for you. All you have to do is swipe!



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