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The Right Order to Apply Your Hair Products

The Right Order to Apply Your Hair Products
Team LF
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There are LOTS of hair products out there, but guess what? Not all of them are created equal. Why? Because, surprise! Not everyone has the same kind of hair. It isn't just about what products you use, but also what order you apply them too! So which ones are right for you? We're breaking it down for you below!

Why does the order of hair products matter?

Different hair products do different things. You wouldn't spritz your hair with hairspray right before you're about to straighten, would you? Your first products should help your condition and style your hair, and the very last product you use should be a sealant to set the whole thing. In other words, a product like hairspray should be the LAST thing you use, never the first.

If you DO, however, choose to use a hairspray first PLEASE use a heat protectant before that. Spritzing hairspray before you use your curling tool may help your curls stay in longer, but that ALWAYS, always, always comes with a heavy price.

What hair products are right for your hair type

Just like different types of people speak a different language, different types of hair need different kinds of love. Here are the products—and order—best suited for your hair type.

Wavy hair

Your hair texture is the middle child between straight and curly, but you do style have some texture in your hair. With this kind of mildly voluminous hair texture you may run the risk of combatting frizz. Tame your strands before you style by adding a styling cream. Make sure the one you use is a lightweight formula that provides your locks with intense nourishment.

What's your finishing touch? A spritz or two of sea salt spray is perfect for your hair texture. Why sea salt spray? Salt opens up the hair cuticle, giving your locks a fresh, natural voluminous boost.

Straight Hair

Sometimes, nothing quite so frustrating as having a hair type that seems to lie flat against your scalp on most days. On days when you actually feel like trying, you'll do anything to get the least bit of volume. Frizz isn't so much a problem, you're just looking for anything to give those roots some lift.

Curly Hair

Your hair may very well have been at war with frizz from the beginning of time. What's your best weapon? Keeping your locks well hydrated. Your first weapon of choice should be a leave-in conditioner. Hair strands are protected from breakage and regain softness and manageability.

Hair is not impossible, you just need to treat it right and it will love you right back! Discover more hair-styling products on the lookfantastic website today!

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Team LF
Writer and expert
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