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A-line Haircut is the Trim of the Year

A-line Haircut is the Trim of the Year
Team LF
Writer and expert6 years ago
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Ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought, "I need a haircut." At one point, we all have. If you're human like the rest of us, all too often that thought was followed with, "What can I do with this hair?" Also, we've all been there.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was this universal hairstyle that worked for EVERYONE? Hairstyle desperados, meet the angled haircut, also known as the A-line hairstyle.

What is the A-line haircut?

Simply put, the A-line is a cut that is short in the back and long in the front. The nice thing about this cut is that the contrast between the front and back can be as drastic or subtle as you want it. If you're not ready to go all Victoria Beckham, there's no pressure! Start out with an easy-going line like Katy Perry.

Most stylists achieve this look by making a one-inch difference between the front and the back of the hair, though the texture and contrast will change depending on the length and texture of the hair. What is the reason this simple yet transformative hairstyle is taking the hair industry by storm?

Why is the A-line haircut trending?

With the resurrection of the classic bob, is it any wonder people are using the hairstyle as a way to customize their own hairdo? Adding an angle to your hair is a simple way of freshening up your look and trying something new without feeling like you're diving off the deep end.

Next time you find yourself staring in the mirror wondering what in the world to do with your age-old, shapeless hairdo, go A-line! Short, curly, medium or long hair this is a style that you can get onboard with without having to spend weeks—or even months on end preparing yourself for. All you need is a little trim!

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Team LF
Writer and expert
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