The Best Sun Protection for Hair

The Best Sun Protection for Hair

Keeping your hair protected in the sun is essential if you want soft, shiny and healthy locks when you return from your tropical and paradisial holiday. Just like SPF for the skin, it’s so easy to use on your hair, and there are lots of different sun protection formulas and textures you can use, such as oils, spritzes and creams, depending on your hair type and needs.

Why do I need sun protection for hair?

Just like your skin, your hair can burn and become damaged in the sun. Damaging UVA and UVB rays penetrate the hair-shaft, and although they can cause hair lightening for a short period of time, they inevitably cause dulling, split ends and breakage in the long-term.

The Best Sun Protection Products for Hair

If you have natural hair and want to achieve a sun kissed effect without using artificial highlights this Christophe Robin Clarifying Shampoo With Camomile And Cornflower works to gradually lighten the hair over the course of a few weeks with regular use. Or if you have colored or highlighted hair you can brighten hair that has turned dull or yellow over time.

Infused with Coconut Oil, the multi-use shampoo performs a gentle yet thorough cleanse; it eliminates sunscreen residue and other impurities that can accumulate after a day in the sun.

This bundle is an all-around bond repair kit for restoring hair, including photo-damage from the sun with thermal protection in all products!

A wonderful multi-tasker, the mask is also enriched with UV protectors, which shield your hair from sun damage and help to prevent your hair color from fading.

Shield hair from sun damage, chlorine, salt water and heat styling tools with the lightweight, non-greasy Oud Royal Thermal Protection Spray from Philip B. Formulated with a potent L-Amino Acid Complex, the spritz strengthens hair to prevent breakage and split ends, whilst enhancing shine and delivering a sensuous fragrance of woody oud.

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