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Halloween’s Over: How to Repair and Renew Your Skin

Halloween’s Over: How to Repair and Renew Your Skin
Schané Flowers
Content Writer5 years ago
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How are you celebrating Halloween this year? Parties, trick-or-treating, or just a casual night in? We’re so excited to go all out with our Halloween makeup this year (some of our favorites can be found HERE & HERE)! But, picture this—you wake up on November 1, stumble to the bathroom, and see a zombie staring you in the face. Whether you dressed up or not, the zombie look is only cute on Halloween. Even just one night of heavy makeup can be hard on your skin. So, we've rounded up our top products to not only removing your spooky Halloween beauty, but for repairing and renewing your skin anytime it needs it!

Step 1: Cleanse

The obvious first step is to remove any and all makeup. For a cleanser that will gently remove all makeup, we’re loving the Moringa Cleansing Balm from Emma Hardie. Working on even waterproof makeup, this nourishing balm cleanses deep, while also decongesting and refining the appearance of pores. This cleanser has a professional cleansing cloth included, and is made from a unique micro-fiber fabric and is backed with muslin cotton. The micro-fiber side gently cleanses the pores and smoothes the appearance of fine lines while cleansing, and the muslin side insulates heat for ultimate compressing and skin cushioning. Not only is this the cleanser you won’t be able to live without, but it can also be used a hydrating mask if you leave it on for ten minutes.

Step 2: Hydrate

After cleansing, giving your skin the hydration it needs is so important. Even with the rich cleansing of the Emma Hardie balm, more hydration is never a bad thing, especially in the colder months. It’s easy to keep your skin freshly hydrated with the Omorovicza Magic Moisture Mist. This ultra-fine mist is filled with antioxidants and essential oils to deliver incredible hydration at any time throughout the day. And your skin will thank you, because not only will it be hydrated, but it will also be protected from pollution and other environmental aggressors. We recommend giving your skin 2-3 mists anytime you need a boost of hydration!

Step 3: Mask

Is it even #selfcare if you aren’t using a face mask? Whenever your skin is feeling stressed, dull, or just needs some rejuvenation, the Eve Lom Rescue Mask is perfect. This award-winning treatment deeply cleanses pores, absorbs excess oil and calms redness and sensitivity. After wearing a full face of Halloween makeup, this is the perfect pick-me-up to keep your skin looking and feeling its best. Maintain that healthy and youthful glow all the time with a combination of kaolin clay, honey, ground almonds and camphor!

Step 4: Lock in Hydration

Before you go to bed after a night of Halloween parties, make sure your skin has the proper hydration to repair and renew while you sleep. We’re turning to the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream for an unrivaled aid to dry, depleted skin. This rich cream is formulated with shea butter, colloidal oatmeal and eucalyptus oil for immediate, soothing relief. It is also boosted with antioxidants and ceramides to build up your skin’s natural barrier and defend against free radical damage!

The Ultimate Recovery

If you’re ready to take your self-care routine beyond just skincare, get prepared for the best night of beauty sleep yet! While we sleep, our skin is able to repair more fully than while we’re awake, so certain products can help make your skincare work harder every night. We love using the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray every night to help get that perfect beauty sleep! This spray contains lavender, vetiver and wild chamomile to help you relax and fall asleep more easily and stay asleep throughout the night. It is the ultimate soothing, relaxing step before sleep!

Take your self care to another level with the Slip Silk Sleep Mask. After a long day of costumes and Halloween makeup, or even if it’s just another Wednesday, wearing a sleep mask to bed is the best treat for yourself. The mask is not only a great way to help you sleep better, but is actually also great for your skin! Made from the highest-quality mulberry silk, this mask will block out any light to help you stay asleep all night long. And, because it is made of pure silk, the mask won’t pull or tug on your skin, therefore helping you to maintain your beautiful, youthful complexion!

Now that you’ve used a luxurious cleanser, an ultra-hydrating moisture mist, a reparative mask and a rich night cream, your skin is ready for a night of restoration and rejuvenation! Mist your pillow and pull on your sleep mask, because your best night of beauty sleep is here!

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Schané Flowers
Content Writer
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A beauty enthusiast by heart and a plant lover, I'm always looking for the latest and greatest in skincare and beauty, especially clean and organic! I think everyone's entitled to high quality skincare at any budget, and I'm always on the lookout for what's new in the industry be it tips, tricks, or products!