School and Work Makeup Essentials

School and Work Makeup Essentials

August is at its midpoint, and that means the summer vacay is over for a lot of us. It’s time to either hit the books, job applications, or even both! And now comes the important question: what are you packing in your bag for the day to day? 

Assuming you’re not lugging you entire vanity to work or school every day, chances are you’d like a small go-to bag to place in your purse or tote as you navigate the 9 to 5 and 6 to 9. 

So, what should be in your makeup bag checklists? Read on to find out! 

Blotting Paper and Or a Toner Pad

Even if you’re rocking a bareface, you don’t want to be known as the brightest student or employee due to excessive oiliness. It can also look like you’re nervous for an interview! 

Having a blotting sheet on hand will reduce any excess oil on the skin, and only the oil on your skin. This means any makeup you’ve applied will last longer throughout the day as well! 

Setting Spray or Hydrating Mist

Speaking of lasting longer, having a small setting spray or hydrating mist will definitely come in handy when sitting in a class or office that has no AC. If you have to choose between one or the other, we’d say to go with a hydrating mist. They help balance your skin’s pH and some, like this one from Jurlique, can also double as a setting spray for makeup! 

Hair Accessories

It goes without saying that you should definitely have a few hair accessories in your bag. A waver or bobble from one of our favorite hair tie brands, Invisibobble, will keep all buns, pony tails, and flyways perfectly in place to make the next interview your best first impression.  

Powder Foundation

Now, although you may already have a full face of makeup when you’re out the door (or nothing, which is fine too!), you may want to reapply your foundation throughout the day. 

However, for on the go makeup, we’d suggest leaving the liquid foundation at home. It can spill on your clothes in the restroom, where you don’t have a readily available closet to swap your look. Or even worse, it can spill in your bag, and now you’re entire contents (like your resume) are covered in your best shade. 

Instead, opt for the powder variation of your shade. It’s lighter, compact, and less likely to break open compared to a liquid foundation. Plus it’s slightly easier to clean up during a spill. 

Also! Powder foundation usually has a built in mirror and brush application! Saving space and the need to buy tools! 


Mascara is the one little thing that can elevate a look with the swipe of a brush. For that touch of glam, make sure to pack the perfect Mascara that does all the work for you while you hit the daily grind. Volumizing, filling, or nourishing are the key perks you should look out for to add to your commute makeup kit. 

Hand cream or Lotion

How many hands, files, documents, and other office or class doors are you going to touch these upcoming months? 

You may have hand sanitizer, or a dedicated hand washing system in place, but what about taking care of your hands afterwards? 

Avoid having chapped hands with a hand cream! Keeping your hands moisturized now will save your skin in the long haul. Plus, you build a habit that’s good to enforce in the winter! 

Tinted Lip Balm

If you’re not a fan of lipsticks, then a lip balm may be a better staple for your bag. A neutral but flattering shade will bring the right level of attention without seeming too dramatic or bold. 

SPF(Separate or Incorporated)

You need SPF. You NEED. SPF.

We’ll say it until it’s ingrained: sun exposure without protection can lead to the first signs of aging. 

So either pack some SPF separately, or use products that have SPF incorporated into them during your makeup routine. Or both. Both is good. 

Travel Perfume 

A little goes a long way. While we don’t recommend for you to spritz your favorite fragrance  before an interview (this is a big no-no), having a roll on or small bottle can give you the extra confidence for a presentation or even an interview. 

Just make sure it’s a fragrance you actually like and works well with your body chemistry. Also, it’s not deodorant: less is definitely more. 

We hope this little essentials list helps you prep for back to school or back to work! Stay looking fantastic, our fab readers!

Schané Flowers

Schané Flowers

Content Writer

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