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Get Kylie Jenner’s Summer Beauty Look

Get Kylie Jenner’s Summer Beauty Look
Team LF
Writer and expert5 years ago
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Kylie Jenner is one of America’s sweethearts; a television personality, fashion designer, model and all-round beauty. At just 19 years old she is a figure people model their own beauty from, setting trends and continuously changing her looks.

We love the look she’s been flaunting at during Summer this year; bold brows, a colourful cheek, a pretty pout and eye-catching lime green hair (which Kylie pulls it off perfectly!). If you want a look similar to this 19 year old beauty queen then help is at hand, we have just the products you need to achieve a look just like Kylie.


Well-groomed and styled brows can finish off a look. Ensuring that all stray hairs are removed is the first, key step! Whether you are a powder of the brow pencil, pomade or powder, this look is achievable.


Catch the crowd’s eye with a cute rosy cheek. A blush isn’t always needed to complete a look but no one can deny it is great at emphasizing cheekbones and provides a more youthful appearance.


We all feel more confident with a colored lip, whether that be subtle and nude or bold and red. Kylie has gone for a more subtle nude look so why not try it too?! With these lip products it has never been so easy to achieve the perfect pout.


Now, if you are wanting neon green hair we sadly can’t help there, but when it comes to caring for colored hair we certainly can! Keep your hairs color locked in whether it’s bright green or a calmer brunette.

Ensure you only take the products you truly need when you head to a festival and check out our Beauty Editor recommendations and more with our Beauty Laid Bare: Festival Essentials campaign.


Team LF
Writer and expert
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