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How to Transition Your Makeup from Winter to Spring

How to Transition Your Makeup from Winter to Spring
Team LF
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In the winter months we tend to cover up a little more, and we're not just talking about clothing layers. As it turns out, believe it or not, this habit to bundle up transfers over to our beauty routine as well. We wear thicker foundations with more coverage, we swap our sheer lipgloss for a more opaque and darker hue of lipstick, and we pile on the moisturizer. For many of us, the thicker the better.

But then the days start to get a little warmer and a little longer, and soon our cloudy overcast turns into a bright, sunshiny day. When that happens our rich, creamy moisturizer begins to feel a little overbearing, and the full-coverage foundation we've been wearing for the last quarter feels a little too thick, and makeup even melts off our faces throughout the warm-weathered days.

If those aren't signs that your beauty routine needs to change, we're not sure what is.

What is Spring makeup?

As you may have guessed, Spring makeup tends to lean on the side of light and natural. Freckles make their annual appearance, foundations get more light and sheer, and overall there is a feeling of letting your skin breathe! So how do you transition into the spring season?

Here are a few tips on how to do just that!

BB Creams and tinted moisturizers are your new best friend

Like we already mentioned, it's time to lighten the load on your facial canvas. With the not-so-dry weather coming back in, you don't need to load on those heavy products to lock in moisture! Give your skin a breather while still giving yourself the even complexion you want for the season in the solar spotlight.

Swap those cream blushes for powder blushes

It's getting warmer, that means that your face gets more sun exposure, and as a result, it gets pretty hot on the surface of your skin! We know that cream blushes are nice and give you a nice, natural flush, but you won't be thinking the same when by noonday your flush is melted halfway down your cheeks!

In the warm weather, it's best to stick with traditional powder formula blush. Powder formulas are less likely to move on a hot day—especially in a humid climate, but there's only so much you can do!

Stick to stains

Presenting another product that likes to melt in the increasing heat! We love lipstick in the dead of winter when everything is cold and chill, but when things start to warm up, that dreaded color-bleeding starts to happen a whole lot more.

But what if you love the color of lipstick too much to let it go? Enter lip stains. These guys offer you the pigment of a lipstick, without the sticky mess!

Bare Necessit-eyes

Honestly, the best policy here is to go eyeshadow-free! The oils that your eyelids produce plus the sweating your face will inevitably do throughout the day will be a disaster for all the effort you put into that eyeshadow look. A mascara and bare lid is the best bet here.

If you feel you must wear something, why not swipe a bit of bronzer in the crease of your eye to give dimension? It gives you the color you want without suffocating your eyelids.

Update your hair care

When we said beauty, you didn't think we were going to forget hair care, did you? Winter can do a lot to your hair, and we're not talking shiny and luminous. Replenish those dull, dried locks with some extra, much-needed moisture, and switch out the usual for a natural shampoo and conditioner. MATRIX Biolage R.A.W. is free of harmful chemicals and additives and helps to draw out impurities from the hair without stripping it of natural oils.

MATRIX Biolage R.A.W. leaves your strands feeling soft, shiny, and well hydrated! April showers aren't just for flowers, hair and skin matter too.

Rule of thumb is: lighten up! But just like everything, find what works for you! Spring doesn't mean throw out everything and start over, it just means some minor adjustments.

Team LF
Writer and expert
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