International Women’s Day and lookfantastic: Our Favorite Female-Founded Brands

This International Women’s Day at Lookfantastic, we are all about empowerment and giving everyone the opportunity to feel, be, and Lookfantastic. We are celebrating everything that makes us all feel the best version of ourselves, including some of our favourite female founded beauty brands that not only help us do just that but are also do more within and beyond the industry.


As the No.1 luxury British skincare brand, ELEMIS is globally recognized for harnessing the power of natural ingredients and scientific innovation. Each ground-breaking formula is trialed to ensure transformative results. Founded in London and growing worldwide, ELEMIS maintains an unwavering focus on your skin, your body, and your wellness. 

President and Co-Founder, Noella Gabriel, has been the beating heart of ELEMIS since 1990. She inspires every team member with her forward thinking for the brand, creating all the treatments and developing every multi-award winning product. Always striving relentlessly for exquisite textures, aromatics and unique actives, every product must deliver real results. 

Her knowledge and passion for training is world renowned and seeing ELEMIS make a difference is her mission. Noella’s elite trainers treat over six and a half million people a year. 


Wander Beauty, a line of multitasking beauty essentials, to keep women everywhere gorgeous on the go.

With fewer products that let you do more means less time at the vanity and more space in your beauty bag. All of their multitaskers are enriched with clean, globally sourced, skin-loving ingredients that work with your skin, not against it. 

Divya Gugnani, serial entrepreneur & mom of two, co-founded Wander Beauty to keep women everywhere gorgeous on the go. 


Recommended by hairstylists, beauty experts and dermatologists, Slipsilk and their products are dedicated to ensure the ultimate beauty sleep. Say hello to smooth skin and hair, and goodbye to frizz and wrinkles!  

Founder Fiona Stewart was a longtime sufferer of painfully sensitive skin caused by cystic acne. Her dermatologist told her that sleeping on a silk pillowcase would be far more gentle on her skin and hair than traditional cotton or linen cases. Seeing the beauty benefits, she launched Slip with her husband in 2004. 


High Beauty

High Beauty delivers the high-powered benefits from nature’s most revolutionary plant, Cannabis sativa. High Beauty’s skincare products are free of psychoactive properties. Founded and formulated in California by renowned beauty pioneer, Melissa Jochim, High delivers the highest level of Cannabis sativa seed oil and protein to realize your skin’s highest potential.

Melissa Jochim is the founder and CEO of High Beauty. After 30 years of formulating product for the natural and organic beauty industry, Melissa Jochim founded high with a commitment to skincare that is truly beneficial and healthy.

Speaking of empowering women, don’t forget to grab this month’s lookfantastic beauty box: Unconstricted Edition! Have a great Women’s Empowerment Month!

Schané Flowers

Schané Flowers

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