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Created by a dedicated team of estheticians, Shangpree is a Korean skincare brand stocked in spas across the country, as well as garnering loyal fans around the world. The brand has won over 100 awards, thanks to its cosmetic expertise and accumulation of perfect, prize-winning formulas.

Shangpree offers a range of products for a complete skincare regime, from first-step products such as cleansers and toners to last-step products such as serums, oils, and masks. These products cater to all skin types, including acne-prone and breakout-prone complexions, dry and dull skin, and mature and sun-damaged skin.

Shangpree products also come in a range of formulas, from lightweight serums and fluffy mousses to slick, silky gels and masks that seriously pack in nutrients. So no matter how you want to apply it, there's a product (or a few!) out there for you.

The brand boasts a wide range of ingredients across its collections, including luxurious ingredients such as black pearl extract, gold, and rose water, as well as more technical ingredients such as amino acids, powerful proteins, and a blend of minerals. If you want a skincare brand that doesn't skimp on luxury, you can't get much better than Shangpree!

The use of Shangpree products can bring about many benefits for your skin. From moisture replenishment, the smoothing of fine lines, and counter-balancing dark circles, to combating the signs of aging and sun-damage, and creating an even, youthful, radiant complexion, Shangpree products boast many great results.

You can choose to use just one Shangpree product in isolation, or as part of a wider Shangpree complete skincare routine day and night. No matter what, you can expect to get fantastic results thanks to Shangpree's tried and tested formulas!

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