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Grow Gorgeous promotes healthy hair that looks fantastic and has integrity, delivering visible results through scientifically proven ingredients. Founded in 2012 by beauty specialist Brandon Truaxe, the brand has a simple mission – to empower you and build your confidence through beautiful, healthy hair. The brand’s innovative products work to repair damage and promote healthy hair growth for clear results to improve shine and density. From shampoos and conditioners to serums, hair masks, and detoxifying scalp scrubs, Grow Gorgeous has everything you need for the healthiest locks of your life.

Grow Gorgeous’ best-selling product is its iconic Hair Density Serum, which is packed with powerful vitamins and ingredients that work to boost the thickness and length of your hair. This serum is perfectly complemented by the Hair Density Shampoo, which boasts concentrated ingredients like caffeine and biotin that support healthy hair growth. Other products in the Grow Gorgeous range include a variety of effective hair masks to promote shine, repair damage, and improve thickness, as well as treatments to heal split ends and protect against heat from styling.

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