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The latest collection from PHYTO is the PHYTOSPECIFIC range, which was designed to cater towards those special types of hair that require extra special care.

Originally created in 1998, PHYTO SPECIFIC is one of the many extensions of the globally renowned PHYTO brand. PHYTO SPECIFIC was designed with the particular needs of textured, relaxed, curly, or coiled hair in mind. Years of research have gone into ensuring the PHYTO SPECIFIC collection is the best it can be, ensuring as much diversity in the range as there is diversity in hair styles and type.

In particular, hair types such as the above require more care to retain moisture, shine, and shape, which means products must be packed to the brim with keratin and other helpful ingredients such as white clover honey and mallow flower. The PHYTO SPECIFIC range as a whole uses more than 500 active essential oils and plant extracts - that's a seriously impressive stat for any hair care brand!

The PHYTO SPECIFIC range has been curated by experts to include a selection of targeted treatments, all of which are aromatic and between 95-100% hypoallergenic and natural. The collection encompasses every aspect of special hair care, starting at the scalp and ending right at the tip of each strand.

One of the most impressive feats that the PHYTO SPECIFIC collection has managed to pull off is that it remains the range on the beauty market with the highest concentration of pure plant extracts and oil. So for natural, organic special hair care, you literally can't get any better!

PHYTO SPECIFIC is a collection beloved by celebrities and influencers alike, and it's easy to see why. To find out for yourself, simply browse PHYTO SPECIFIC products stocked online at lookfantastic today.

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