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Adding peels to your skincare regimen may seem extreme, but they have a lot of benefits for your skin. Not only do peels improve your skin's appearance, but they also reveal a brighter, smoother, and more refined complexion. Peels are a great way to improve your skin's texture, color, and tone, and clear up breakouts. When selecting a peeling treatment, it's wise to choose one that addresses your needs as some have anti-aging properties while others sweep away impurities and exfoliate your skin.

At lookfantastic, we have a wide range of peels from leading brands such as Elemis, philosophy, Peter Thomas Roth, and many more. Many of our peels gently exfoliate your skin, revealing brighter, even-toned skin. We also have various peels specially formulated for sensitive skin, which gently dissolve dead skin cells and debris without being abrasive. With these peels, you get to enjoy a deeply satisfying treatment that nourishes your skin for a balanced complexion.

If you struggle with dull, dry skin, why not try a vitamin C peel? Most vitamin C peels are designed to hydrate and brighten your face while rejuvenating and replenishing it. This leaves you with smooth skin free from dark spots and discoloration. We have a range of vitamin C peels that can be applied effortlessly on your skin and are suitable for all skin types.

If you have clogged pores, using peels is a great way to clarify them and reveal smoother skin. Clogged pores can easily discolor your skin by causing blackheads and pimples. We have peels that target your congested skin by reducing the appearance of blemishes and blackheads to create a soft glow. A number of our peels also repair sun-damaged skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines. To combat rough skin and dryness, we have various peels to help, including targeted overnight masks.

For a smoother and brighter complexion, shop our collection of peels.

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