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A brand with a self-confessed passion for perfection, Sothys is a luxury French brand that has been delivering expert skin care for over 70 years. Sothys, founded in 1966, is a family business that has earned an incredibly high reputation for quality and excellence. Their mission is to help women and men uncover their beauty and improve their wellbeing through high-performance skincare.

Sothys has been inspired for generations by a stunning botanical garden located in Auriac, Corrèze. Inspired by the beauty of nature, and avant-garde living, Sothys used the botanical garden as a starting point for their advanced research into skincare and luxury beauty. The botanical garden helped them to create their company philosophy which champions unique, scientific research based on effectiveness, safety, pleasure and nature.

The research completed by Sothys focuses on isolating and studying active ingredients, and utilizing these ingredients in exclusive galenic formulas. Through their research, Sothys has been able to make incredible cosmetic discoveries and lead the industry in innovation. Naturally, every product released by Sothys has been subject to rigorous testing and must meet Sothys' exceptionally high standards.

From fragrance to body moisturizers and face serums, Sothys has cultivated a wide selection of high-performance beauty and wellbeing products. Many of their products target multiple skin concerns at once, making them ideal for creating a simplified yet incredibly impactful beauty and skincare routine.

French and Parisian inspired beauty focus on an effortless elegance. French skincare is no different. Sothys helps to showcase your natural beauty and helps women and men to enhance and take care of their complexions.

This game-changing beauty and wellness brand can help you experience Parisian luxury from the comfort of your home. Browse our collection of Sothys products today.

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