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Everyone wants to feel sexy sometimes. Often, it can be something as simple as switching up your hair products to create a volumized, flowy new hairstyle. That's where Sexy Hair comes in.

Since being created in LA in 1998, Sexy Hair has produced several ranges inspired by the fun-free-loving locals that make California an iconic destination around the world. Whether it be relaxed beach waves, glamorous tight curls, sleek straight hair, or a range of effortless updos, Sexy Hair has products that cater to every look.

Sexy Hair products have gained such an iconic status that a can of their signature red hairspray is now sold every 4 seconds in the US. That's a seriously mean stat! If that wasn't enough, Sexy Hair is now stocked in over 60 countries and in more than 60,000 salons across the US alone.

Though they're continually bringing out new, innovative ranges to bring the sex appeal to any occasion, some of Sexy Hair's bestselling ranges have existed for years, becoming cult classics in the industry. Just a few ranges that have achieved such status include SexyHair Big, SexyHair Vibrant, SexyHair Blonde, SexyHair Hot, and SexyHair Long. Of course, there are many more!

Sexy Hair ranges are full of different products too. From shampoos, dry shampoos, and conditioners, to hair oils, styling products, and deep treatments, Sexy Hair sure doesn't scrimp when it comes to providing enough products for its loyal customers.

Whether your hair is flat and in need of some serious volume, dull and in need of some shine, or slowly losing its color following a recent chemical treatment, Sexy Hair products can transform your look.

LookFantastic is excited to be stocking a hair brand as iconic as Sexy Hair. You can browse a great range of Sexy Hair products on our website today.

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