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For the past 120 years, Schwarzkopf has been making high-quality hair care products for customers all around the world and can be seen in some of the most prestigious salons. Despite their high-quality, salon-worthy products, every item in Schwarzkopf's range is affordable and easy to use so that you can give your hair the care and attention it deserves from the comfort of your own bathroom.

At LookFantastic, we have a collection of Schwarzkopf's best products so that our customers can look as though they've just stepped out of a salon without leaving the house. Schwarzkopf represents innovation, expertise, and unbeatable quality and has an array of products made specifically for all hair types, from dry and damaged to oily and limp. Breathe life back into your locks with a product from Schwarzkopf and you'll never waste money on expensive hair care again!

Founded in 1898 by the chemist, Hans Schwarzkopf, Schwarzkopf has always stood to empower both men and women to be the best version of themselves and express their individuality through their hair and personal style. Their mission is to support evolving and diverse representations of beauty as reflections of their customers' inner selves while throwing the beauty rule book out the window. From hair styling to treatments and coloration, Schwarzkopf has a product to suit your hair's every need so that you can feel and look your very best and head out into the world feeling confident. With their technological breakthroughs and constant innovation, Schwarzkopf has partnered with the best hair experts in the world so that you don't need to splash out to have healthy, bouncy and fashion-forward hair.

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