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Redken have been pioneers in the hair care industry since their launch in 1960. Their innovative blends and scientific approach to beauty mean that their product formulas are second to none. Their collection of gorgeous styling products will help you to achieve your desired look. From their All Soft Supple Touch Softening Cream-Spray to their Thickening Lotion 06; Redken’s styling products will get you well on your way to achieving your perfect style.

Redken Heat Styling Iron Shape 11 Heat Protection Spray

If you’re looking to create gorgeous, cascading curls, poker straight locks, or channeling those 80s vibes with your crimpers- Heat Protection Spray is an absolute must in order to protect your hair. Redken’s Iron Shape 11 Spray is fortified with Heat Guard Complex to ensure that your hair is protected from the damaging effects of heat styling. The lightweight formula won’t weigh the hair down or build up on your styling tools but will ensure your hair is expertly protected.

Directions: Apply to sections of dry hair before applying heat.

Velvet Gelatine 07 Volumizing Blow Dry Gel

Get a red carpet-worthy blow out with Redken’s Velvet Gelatine Blow Dry Gel. The lightweight, airy formula will add enviable body and bounce to your hair, while protecting against unruly frizz and adding a diamond-like shine, for truly head-turning locks.

No Blow Dry Bossy Cream for Coarse Hair

If you’re looking to tame and control thick, unruly locks, then the Redken No Blow Dry Bossy Cream is the ideal solution for you. The No Blow Dry Bossy Cream decreases air-drying time while adding body and texture to rebellious locks. The Air-Text Technology infuses hair with quick dry and flex polymers which work to decrease drying time, while leaving hair gorgeously soft, sleek and free from frizz.

Directions: Scrunch a small amount of product into damp hair and leave to air dry.

Curvaceous Ringlet Perfecting Lotion

Achieve gorgeous, perfected ringlets with Redken’s Curvaceous Ringlet Perfecting Lotion. Redken’s unique blend works to control frizz, moisturize and add shine to the hair while working to define and perfect curls and ringlets for gorgeously curvaceous locks.

Directions: Apply a small amount to towel dried hair and dry as normal for perfect curls.

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