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Red Flower

Red Flower is a New York brand formed by Yael Alkalay in 1999 that has been focussed ever since on promoting wellness through its simplistic beauty products. Red Flower sets to bring to your home exploration of continents such as Asia and North America through its naturally sourced range of products. With inspiration deeply rooted in the footings of nature, Red Flower products reflect this environment and effortlessly transport the consumer to woodland scenes with therapeutic, weightless formulas set to soothe the hair, body, and face. As such, their range includes luxury skincare products, nourishing hair care, and much more.

The Red Flower product range features fan favorites such as the Wanderlust Softening Conditioner. With a dreaminess created from naturally sourced ingredients such as Vetivert Grass and Hinoki Cypress Wood, this product reduces hair from the harmful blends of parabens and synthetics. Hair is left noticeably smoother with an undeniable shine and tamed strays.

Red Flower is a brand that incorporates a hippie-chic style right to the core of its line production. At LOOKFANTASTIC, we are thrilled to be an official stockist of the luxurious Red Flower brand. Each product has an emphasis on being cruelty-free, created in the vegan image of biocompatibility and biodegradability.