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Say goodbye to blow dry bars and say hi to Pro Blo! A revolutionary styling tool which is taking the hair sector by storm! Pro Blo allows you to re-create professional blow dry treatments in the comfort of your own home! The system uses innovative brushes with a unique detachable handle. Simply roll your hair, blow dry and allow the ceramic coated barrel to cool. You are left with beautiful, bouncy hair with an incredible glossy shine. It is very easy to use with three brushes for different hair lengths and thicknesses. 

Pro Blo Styling Kits

There are three great value packs;

  • The Pro Blo CurlME is a great starter pack with 6 CurlME barrels (2x small, medium and large brushes) with 6 hair clips and a handy travel bag
  • The Pro Blo CurlME Deluxe is a larger pack with 12 barrels (4x small, medium and large brushes) and 12 hair clips. The Deluxe also has a handy travel bag but isn't recommended for hair longer than 22 inches.
  • The Pro Blog MEMEME set is the ultimate value pack with 6 CurlME barrels (2x small, medium and large brushes), 6 AddME barrels (2x small, medium and large brushes), 12 hair clips and a VolumizeME backcomb brush. It is also delivered with a travel bag.

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