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Our MSM Bio‐Plus had such a powerful effect on our founder, Georgie Cleeve, that she built OSKIA based on her experience with it. Discover our famous supplement and our face exfoliators that all encourage cell regeneration, helping reducing pigmentation and boost circulation for healthier‐ looking skin.

MSM Bio‐Plus – MSM is a form of sulphur known as the “Beauty Mineral”. It supports the efficiency of healthy skin cells, helping to improve skin structure, elasticity and condition for healthy‐looking complexion.

Citylife Anti‐Oxidant Concentrate – an intense antioxidant booster clinically‐proven to protect skin against 97.7% of free‐radicals and 98% of skin‐damaging particulate matter from indoor and outdoor pollution.

Liquid Mask – An overnight radiance and conditioning chemical facial peel with 10% Lactic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid & Niacinamide.

Renaissance Mask – Your go‐to mask for every occasion ‐ A chemical exfoliating mask with MSM, Fruit AHAs and Papaya Enzymes that offers major anti‐ageing & brightening benefits. Recommended pre and post‐party, for all skin types and particularly for when skin looks dull and needs an instant radiance boost.

Micro Exfoliating Balm – A versatile nourishing & physical exfoliating balm with Silica & MSM particles & prebiotics to leave skin soft & silky smooth.

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