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Discover Oskia, the British skincare brand taking the beauty world by storm. Oskia describe themselves as a nutri-cosmeceutical brand and are all about feeding the skin with the essential nutrients it needs. With over 135 international awards under their belt, they are the pioneers of their industry.

The brand was founded by Georgie Cleeve, who was inspired to create a skincare line based on nutrition after seeing the visible difference her regular use of MSM supplements made to her skin. Georgie's father owned a supplement company that was the first to create an MSM capsule, originally created for joint health. After numerous failed operations, Georgie's father put her on a course of MSM to repair broken cartilage in her knees and ankles. As well as a drastic improvement in her joints, Georgie was amazed to see her life-long eczema heal; her skin was smoother, clearer, and brighter than ever before. Inspired by what she had seen, she set about formulating a unique skincare range centered around this wonder ingredient.

If it's clean beauty you're after, then Oskia have got it down, promising to use only clean, safe, naturally derived or nature-identical ingredients. Made in the UK, every Oskia formula is bio-available and harnesses patented technology to ensure that all those precious ingredients get exactly where they need to be to make a difference to your skin. They create exquisite blends of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and omegas to care for skin and leave it brighter and healthier.

If that wasn't enough, these nutrients are then combined with next-generation bio-actives, including plant stem cell technology, peptides, antioxidants, enzymes, botanical extracts and floral oils to deliver visible anti-aging results. From luxurious cleansers to power-packed serums, Oskia have an extensive skincare collection that is sure to leave your skin happy, healthy and glowing.

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