OBAGI is a female-led independent global skincare company dedicated to providing advanced, clinically proven skin care treatments for all skin types.

With a 30-year legacy and commitment to diversity and inclusion in all aspects of its business – from its corporate culture to product development – Obagi has pioneered a number of skin care advances, including being the first skin care brand to design its clinical research covering all six skin types across the Fitzpatrick skin spectrum. Obagi believes that your skin is more than a product of your past; it is a window into your future. Obagi crafts advanced skincare products that help unleash skin’s full potential with an extensive portfolio designed to brighten, protect, and enhance skin tone and texture. Experience the power of Obagi.


Obagi Medical

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Founded in 1988 by Zein Obagi, the Obagi Skincare brand is a leader in skin health, and it's famed for designing high-quality products for both men and women of all ages. Backed by over 30 years of medical experience, Obagi crafts products that brighten, even, revitalize, and protect your skin, helping you realize its full potential. Initially, Obagi's central idea was that your skin is a window into the future, not a product of the past. Today, many people attest to seeing improvements with their skin and feeling more confident and fearless after using Obagi products. Obagi's products target multiple skin concerns, including fine lines, sun damage, wrinkles, acne, and hyperpigmentation.

Obagi's success is their focus on science and innovation, which ensures they can develop clinical-quality formulations that promote healthy, future-facing skin. The unique formulations of these products do more than correct and prevent common skin problems. They offer real transformation by delivering unparalleled results to support healthy, younger-looking skin. All Obagi products contain rigorously tested ingredients for safety and efficacy to meet your unique skin care needs.

Obagi has two major collections – Medical and Clinical. To shop these ranges, browse LOOKFANTASTIC today, the official stockist of Obagi in the US.

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