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ModelCo Lip Care is an Australian brand started in 2002 by former modeling agent Shelley Sullivan. Shelley knew exactly what models really needed and wanted, and decided to make her own company to bring those dream beauty products to life. The company's products are famous for being high-quality, high-fashion, and long-lasting. She even included mirrors on the lip gloss tubes for perfect on-the-go application, just like a busy model!

ModelCo was created with the needs of models in mind, meaning it has to look great through hours of photoshoots or live shows or even runway events. That means your ModelCo color and gloss will last all day and night and still look great! The formulas are specifically designed not to get sticky, rub off, or lose pigment, so with one coat of the lip wand, your look is secure. It also means you get great value because your tube will last many months with just one daily application.

If you tend to get dry, cracking, or even peeling lips, these formulas are great too. ModelCo formulas are specifically meant to lock in hydration, so your lips stay hydrated without needing to re-apply. This is great for drier climates, wintertime, or even just being indoors in a centrally heated environment. Plus, wearing the ModelCo formulas naturally make you lick your lips less, and many people don't know this but licking your lips actually makes them even drier!

The formulas created by ModelCo are very highly pigmented, so you will get long-lasting color in vivid shades that won't fade from day to night. And as an added benefit, ModelCo only makes products that are certified vegan and cruelty-free. That means absolutely no animal-derived ingredients and no testing of any kind on live animals, from the raw ingredients to the finished product. Good for you, kind to the animals.

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