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At lookfantastic, we love a company with high ethical standards and principles. That's why we stock a fantastic selection of Living Nature products to tempt you, all using natural ingredients which are sustainably sourced. This fantastic New Zealand company was founded in 1987 and makes use of native plants, as well as other ingredients found in the island's forests, seas and vast landscapes.

Thanks to Living Nature, you can look amazing and know you're doing good to both yourself and the planet! The experts at Living Nature really do know what works, including understanding the bioactive and healing properties of the various plants they use in their cosmetics and skincare. They've applied that deep knowledge to everything they create, meaning you get products which are natural and effective.

In an age where we all care more about the natural world and sustainability, choosing ethically sourced products such as those from Living Nature becomes all the more important. With this fantastic collection, you can shop with a clean conscience and enjoy world-leading cosmetics and skincare from a company with real expertise in this field. These products are particularly great if you have sensitive skin or are concerned about the use of harmful chemicals, as they are free from man-made elements which could be damaging.

The lookfantastic team is head over heels in love with Living Nature and their products. If you want to look amazing and shop ethically then you've come to the right place! Treat yourself and your skin, by browsing our wonderful Living Nature collection to find your ideal products. When you buy from Living Nature, you do yourself and the environment so much good!

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