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When it comes to treatments for your hair and scalp, Keraniquer really does have it all. This is a brand that specializes in regrowth formulas for women, so if that solution sounds like a welcome addition to your bathroom, read on! Keranique's flagship products are its shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo possesses all the benefits of pro vitamin B5, and is able to aid microcirculation while bolstering and thickening your locks. Keranique conditioner combines to offer additional fortification and volume, utilizing the brand's Keratin Amino Complex.

But it isn't just shampoos and conditioners which you can expect from this official Kernaique selection. You can find serum kits which deliver fast results with clinical strength peptide that strengthens the fibres of the hair, encouraging healthy regrowth; texture spray which is designed to effectively disguise thinning hair, while offering health benefits to the scalp due to the absorption of excess sebum; color boosters which can help to prevent losing color through the processing of your hair, resurfacing damaged hair cuticles; and supplements which can promote hair that is shinier and healthier with more volume. Simply take your pick from this official Keranique range, according to your hair's requirements.

Hair thinning can be due to genetic or lifestyle reasons - either way, you can put up a fight! With this broad variety of solutions from Keranique you have everything you need to battle hair thinning, from a brand that has been used by over a million women. Research shows that over 100 per cent of women agree that Keranique can help to make their hair stronger - become one of the believers! Did you know that the Keranique® Hair Regrowth System comes with the Keranique guarantee, which offers your money back within 120 days if you are not satisfied with the product?

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