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IOMA is the skin care brand making waves all over the world. From body scrubs to supplements and serums, this collection of IOMA items makes it easier than ever to give your skin that 'tender loving care' it deserves on a daily basis. This is a brand which believes in personalized skin care, and so perhaps it is no surprise that the IOMA range includes synergies of 105 active ingredients in total. Still not impressed? How about the statistic that a woman in France, one of the world's fashion and beauty hot spots, purchases an IOMA product every minute?

This is a range which proves that there is no 'set formula' for combatting the signs of aging. You might opt for one of IOMA's supplements in capsule form, which can offer optimal concentrations for hydration and strengthening of the skin, as well as the nails and hair. Then there are body scrubs that can restore smoothness in dry skin, enriched with natural ingredients such as coconut shell and cranberry seeds. If you prefer your skin care products to work while you sleep, you can choose an overnight mask with a blend of vitamins and polysaccharides, to nourish and pamper your skin while you are enjoying some restful shut-eye.

Choose your favorite mode of skin care with the world's number one personalized product range, currently used by several luxury spas in France's five-star hotels. The total range of IOMA products includes over a billion different formula combinations, and you can try some of them with the items in this official IOMA selection. The IOMA range was created by Jean Michel Karam, who was behind the renowned Thierry Mugler 'Angel' perfume. Are you ready to try personalized cosmetics for yourself with this innovative, trendsetting skin care brand?

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