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Founded in 2020 and made in the US, Immuneti sources nature’s powerful ingredients and packages them in one multi-functional supplement to support your immune system and maximize your overall health.

Backed by leading doctors and health experts, Immuneti simplifies your supplement regimens by using an innovative five-in-one formula. Combining five key ingredients that effectively work together, Immuneti Advanced Immune Defense was created – a powerful blend of vitamin D3, vitamin C, elderberries, zinc, and garlic bulb.

Did you know that a single serving of Immuneti boasts more zinc than 250 almonds, more vitamin C than 4.5 oranges, and more antioxidants than 3300 blueberries?

The combination of elderberry and vitamin C in Immuneti products can reduce your chances of catching the seasonal flu, while zinc, elderberries, and garlic work to activate your body’s immune response. Immuneti also promotes skin health, improves daily mood, supports healthy respiratory function, and can improve heart health.

You’ll be pleased to know that Immuneti's formula is allergen and gluten-free and follows strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices for Quality Standards) guidelines to ensure quality and safety. Browse the supplements at LOOKFANTASTIC, official stockists of Immuneti products in the US.