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Hurraw have quite simply perfected lip balm - coming up with a fun and natural range which can make a fantastic addition to your toiletry bag. In a range of fruity and funky varieties, this showcase of Hurraw lip balms offers a formula which hydrates the skin, packed with natural, vegan ingredients. It is amazing how dry our lips can become during the average day - wave goodbye to cracked, peeling and chapped lips, and make your mouth appear more supple, with the options in this Hurraw collection.

Inferior lip balms may feel soothing when applied to your lips, but are they really doing the jobs which make a difference? With this selection of lip balms from Hurraw, you can ensure your lips are receiving nourishing moisture, thanks to formulations containing ingredients such as candelilla wax, cocoa seed butter, coconut oil, and papaya seed oil, as well as essential fatty acids. There is also papaya fruit extract, which gets to work eliminating dead skin cells, leaving you with smooth lips which are ultra-soft. These are just some of the fresh plant-based elements which Hurraw incorporates into its unique balms. The uplifting and enticing scents in each balm provide a fantastic finishing touch that smells good enough to devour!

Hurraw has been in the lip balm business for over a decade, and it develops and produces its line in a manufacturing facility that is approved by both the NOP (National Organic Program) and Ecocert, which provides certification for sustainable practices worldwide. Hurraw goes by the motto "better, not more" and perhaps this is why the brand hasn't branched out into other areas of skin care. They prefer to be the best at lip balm - and picking from this Hurraw collection, you can find out why.

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