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Founded in Sydney in 1991, Fudge Hair is for everyone who lives to defy expectations. The brand was originally launched with just one product, the iconic Hair Shaper, and has now grown to include a complete range of outstanding hair care products made for prepping, sculpting, and styling hair. Now well-established throughout the world, Fudge Hair products continue to push the boundaries of what you can achieve with your hair, without pinning you down to one single style. Whether you want to boost volume, create an unbeatable hold, or develop stunning shine, there’s a Fudge Hair product for you.

Ranging from vibrant hair colorants to their cult shampoos and conditioners that repair damage and discoloration, the brand carries everything you need for stunning-looking locks and high-performing results. Fudge Hair’s bestselling product is their Purple Shampoo, which is carefully formulated to reverse damage while being gentle enough for everyday use. All of their shampoos and conditioners use cutting-edge technology to repair and revive hair and infuse every strand with long-lasting fragrance.

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