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DuWop is a makeup brand founded in 1998 on the set of the US TV show ‘Felicity’. Formed with the primary objective of helping ordinary women achieve a fuller, Hollywood-worthy pout, the brand’s reputation was consolidated worldwide with the introduction of Lip Venom.

With its iconic clear and shimmery pink glosses, Lip Venom is a universally flattering product, making a deep impact on women and their makeup bags everywhere. With a blend infused with essential oils such as hydrating jojoba oil, spicy ginger, and creamy avocado, the effects of DuWop products are not short-lived. Injecting your lips with a shot of moisture, dry lips don’t stand a chance.

In light of this global success, the DuWop line has extended to include a vibrant range of Iced Tea lipsticks and products such as the Foundations of Youth. With a formula that's easy to apply thanks to the space-saving, double-sided The One brush, it is guaranteed to leave your complexion looking flawless and feeling as light as a feather. At LOOKFANTASTIC, we are proud to be an official stockist of the DuWop brand in the US.
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