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If you are experiencing thinning hair as you grow older - you are not alone! It is natural for your hair to lose volume in later life, whether you are a man or a woman. Luckily, there is an entire range that is dedicated to addressing thinning hair, supporting and nourishing, and leading to hair with more volume, which looks healthier! You can find a broad variety of formulas designed to combat thinning hair in the Ducray range. Don't settle for thinning hair - take steps to remedy this common issue with these specially designed products from Ducray.

So you are committed to battling thinning hair, and winning - but first, you need to decide on your weapon of choice! You might opt for lotion treatments that nourish and revitalize hair with a mix containing ruscus and tetrapeptides. Or would you prefer to take a supplement in tablet form, with ingredients such as ginseng, vitamins B6 and B8 and coenzyme Q10 helping to maintain your hair density and antioxidizing it? Then there are shampoos with the ability to build hair resilience while hydrating the scalp and hair. And don't forget about the serums in this range which serve to redensify aging hair while protecting against damage from free radicals.

Ducray are certainly no newcomers to providing innovative and effective hair care products, having been founded by hairdresser Dr Albert Ducray all the way back in 1901. Dr Ducray was one of the first to develop shampoos which could be used as one-time treatments, offering an exciting alternative to the sub-standard formulas of the time. Ducray products used to be dispensed at pharmacies until they were introduced to a curious consumer market. Today, Ducray's bold vision of better hair care which delivers real results has been realized in the form of this superb collection. Browse the full range here today.

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