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Treat yourself to feel good beauty from Butter London! Since 2005, this revolutionary beauty brand has offered one hundred percent vegan face cosmetics, nail lacquers, lip pigments, and eye makeup. Today, Butter London is famous for its unique shades that capture the eye and make the wearer unforgettable. Better yet, each Butter London product is gluten-free and made with no animal testing, ever, so you can feel amazing while looking stunning.

If you want to make a good impression, start with flawless skin. Butter London offers the powders, pigments, and potions you need for a glowing complexion! Then, use a blush, highlighter, or skin tint to liven up your look with a kiss of color.

Next, touch up your nails with a richly hued nail lacquer. Each color, from the pearliest white to the deepest black, contains horsetail extract, hydrolized silk, and Vitamins B, C, and E. These luxurious ingredients promote strong, healthy nails! Apply your favorite shade and enjoy long-lasting color with no harmful ingredients like formaldehyde, xylene, or parabens.

Once your nails are filed, filled, and gorgeously painted, sculpt and perfect your pout with a Butter London lipstick or lip cream. Complete an understated look with a beautiful nude pink, make a fiery impression with a bold red, or become a sultry seductress with a sexy plum purple. These choices and many more are waiting for you below!

Last, but certainly not least, create showstopping eye looks with the Butter London eye range. As the adage says, eyes are the windows to the soul. Dress up your windows with eyeshadows, liners, mascaras, and more. These cosmetics are designed to stay put from morning to night, so you can feel confident and turn heads all day long.

Make your everyday life more colorful! Shop lookfantastic.com's Butter London selection today.

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