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Bourjois is a powerhouse brand in the world of cosmetics, and the reason they are renowned for their beauty products around the world is the quality of their products. You can see this quality for yourself by incorporating some of the items in this Bourjois range into your make up routine. Not only are these products which can help you to look great, but they are also packed with ingredients that are good for your skin. So take a browse through the best of Bourjois and discover how to refresh your appearance with formulas made of the good stuff!

Aren't we all in a quest for perfection when it comes to our complexion? Within this Bourjois collection you will find foundation which can promote a radiant look while combatting signs of tiredness and delivering essential moisture; lipstick that offers high pigmentation and a non-drying finish, with color that lasts for 24 hours; concealer in various shades which allows you to eliminate blemishes and imperfections absolutely effortlessly; lip liner that is conducive to the perfect pout, designed for precise and simple application; and prolonging finishing powder which can be the icing on top of your make up cake! Shake up your cosmetics with Bourjois.

Bourjois sprang to notoriety in 1920s' Paris. The name came to fame with Bourjois's use of a legendary muse; the fictional 'Babette', who featured in illustrated adventures. Epitomizing that "je ne sais quoi" possessed by residents of the Capital of Romance, Bourjois's lines aim to bring out your fun side with punchy colors, proving that beauty brands don't need to take themselves so seriously! Lightweight and simple, but outstandingly effective, Bourjois can make your everyday make up routine a doddle.

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