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Have you heard about the power of collagen? This is a cosmetic supplement that offers a host of benefits. Collagen is a naturally produced protein that is a component in connective tissues, including the skin. Supplements containing collagen, such as the varieties in this Bioglan range, can offer a number of advantages, including a way of improving your skin health. Easily absorbed and incorporated into your daily diet, collagen supplements have been shown to increase skin elasticity, and combat the signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. As we get older, our collagen production naturally depletes, but this can be counteracted by collagen, which supports healthy skin, as well as hair and nails.

However you like to consume your collagen, there is something in this range for you. You can find effervescent tablets that are easily popped in the drink of your choice, where they will bubble away until completely disintegrated into the fluid, ready for consumption. You could opt for standard tablets that can be taken with a meal on a daily basis. And you can also take the option of collagen powder, which could be added to water, smoothies, or even soup! Whether you prefer to fizz, mix or pop your collagen, rely on the Bioglan range to offer the most convenient supplement form for you.

You can count on Bioglan, an Australian producer of dietary supplements and natural foods which has made its mark around the world. They are dedicated to using only pure active ingredients in their formulations and use clinical research to guide the development of their health supplements. Nourish and renew your skin, keep your skin firmer, and encourage a more youthful appearance with the collagen supplements in this Bioglan selection.

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  • Bioglan Beauty Collagen Powder 151g

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