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In our range of Archipelago Botanicals diffusers and soy wax candles, you'll find wonderful additions for the home designed to uplift your space and rejuvenate your mood. Housed in beautiful glass jars and classy tin cases, these candles and jars add character and style to any home decor. We have all sizes of candles and diffusers to accommodate large or small spaces, all in countless fragrances to suit your environment.

There is nothing better than a clean home that smells fresh. But for years candles were being made with ingredients that weren't safe for people and pets. Now that more recent research has shown what is safe to burn in the home, companies have begun making safely scented products. Archipelago Botanicals is one of the leading names at the forefront of this revolution, prioritizing health and safety as well as great, long-lasting scents. Their products are made using soy wax and essential oils sold in containers ranging from tin to glass, meaning you can feel good when buying these natural products for your home.

The essential oils that Archipelago Botanicals use in their products can help heal mind and body for a truly healthful experience. You will find a number of popular favorites among the scents. If floral is your favorite, then opt for sumptuous rose, while seasonal allergies can be calmed with lemongrass, and jasmine creates a relaxing vibe. Or create a virtual garden in your home with scents such as black forest and lindenwood. If you prefer the calming smells of the ocean or zesty, uplifting citrus scents, these are catered for as well. No matter what your preferences are, Archipelago Botanicals can certainly deliver the best in home fragrance. Come home to a house that not only feels good but smells good too when you purchase Archipelago Botanicals.

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