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Alpecin is heralded worldwide as the unique caffeine shampoo which has been developed to help reduce hair loss in men. For over a century, this German-engineered formula has been shown to carry the potential to stimulate growth, by counteracting the effect of testosterone. In this range, you will find a broad selection of Alpecin varieties, which you can match to your wash time and lifestyle needs.

Offering the convenience of easy application - needing to be left on the head for two minutes to take effect - Alpecin works via penetration of the hair follicles with caffeine. This is a brand that has become famous worldwide for its ability to assist in prolonging the phases of hair growth, combatting hair loss which has a hereditary cause. These are products that can offer your hair the boost it needs, activating roots, and protecting the scalp. Alpecin is suitable for all types of male hair and is capable of soothing and hydrating the scalp, preventing irritation.

In this selection of Alpecin products, you can find a range of caffeine shampoos, including standard formulas and hybrid varieties. There are Alpecin products that have been engineered for men with a particularly physically active lifestyle, as intense exercise is understood to potentially contribute to weakened hair roots in some cases. You can also find supplements to your daily Alpecin hair washing products, designed to complement them and speed up the process of hair regeneration.

Find out why men across the world turn to Alpecin to help them combat hereditary hair loss. Choose the Alpecin type which suits you best in our comprehensive range from this reputed German brand, which has been a men's hair care specialist since 1905. Discover the 'performance enhancer' with the ability to strengthen and replenish your hair.

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