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In 1919, Leo J. Wahl filed a patent for the world's first electric hair clipper and since then Wahl have continued to lead the male grooming industry. Today, over 90% of barbers use Wahl products, proving Wahl have remained top of their game and are at the forefront of their industry.

Wahl manufacture products that are suitable for salon and home use. This allows Wahl customers to create professional-quality grooming results from the comfort of their own home. Although they are perhaps most well-known for their electric hair clippers, Wahl has grown an impressive product range over the years. From hair dryers to aftershave and moisturizer, it is easy for men to build their entire skin and hair care routine with Wahl products.

Wahl is never satisfied with the mediocre. They are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation to create exciting and effective products. Wahl blades, for example, are created using high-precision technology that ensures the best, most accurate cutting performance possible. This enables Wahl to effortlessly outperform their competitors who use generic, stamped blades.

Often men can struggle to find the time to time to truly take care of themselves and can consider their wellbeing and appearance to be a low priority. Wahl's range of grooming products helps simplify hair and skin care for men, allowing them to create short but effective self-care routines. This can help to boost a man's confidence and self-esteem, as Wahl products are dedicated to helping men not only look but feel good. With everything from shaving brushes to beard wash, there is something for every gentleman in Wahl's selection of products.

Whether you are considering purchasing Wahl products for your salon or for home use, start by browsing our selection of Wahl products today.

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