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Straight from the Land Down Under, The Jojoba Company offers skincare, lip care, body lotions, and more, all infused with jojoba oil harvested from their very own farm. The 80-hectare farm, called Beresford, is nestled in Australia's Riverina region. The beans grown here are gently harvested by hand, then cold-pressed and filtered in 14 different ways to draw out the beautiful jojoba oil that goes into each Jojoba Company product.

So what does jojoba oil do, exactly? As it turns out, a lot!

If you are growing or tending to a beard, jojoba oil just might be your new best friend. Comb it into your beard to keep it lush and hydrated, and to encourage faster beard growth! This gorgeous oil can also soothe the irritated skin around your beard or be rubbed into bald patches to stimulate new growth. Additionally, jojoba oil can calm and soften delicate skin both before and after shaving.

Your feet take a beating throughout the day, so tend to them using jojoba oil! Apply it to fragile, thin, or broken toenails for a strengthening boost, then rub a few drops into your feet to combat the fungi that cause athlete's foot. If you'd like, add an extra dollop to each foot, massage it in, and slide on a cozy pair of socks. By next morning, your feet will be dreamily soft and silky.

For soft and supple lips, simply mix a drop of jojoba oil with a small amount of sugar. Viola – you've made your own homemade lip scrub! It can also be applied to the lips to combat cold sores, moisturize your pout, or add a glossy sheen after a coat of lipstick.

You deserve the best, so make jojoba oil part of your life. Shop our selection from The Jojoba Company today!

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